Google Drive

Screenshot from 2017-07-03 20-08-37

I plan to store 3 main things on Google Drive.

1. School Assignments
2. Emergency Personal Information
3. Backup

School assignments are pretty straightforward. I’ll store them as regular files so if I ever need to access them and forgot my laptop or USB, I’ll have them there. It also acts as backup,

The other 2 are going to be tricky. Cloud storage is amazing, but I value my privacy and don’t want an organization like Google to have access to everything. I will be using VeraCrypt to create encrypted containers.

Emergency personal information includes things like scanned passport pages, driver licenses, etc. I think the cloud is a fantastic way to store this type of information say for example if I was in another country and got robbed. A 500mb container should be sufficient for this purpose and I’ll use whatever is the most secure encryption method available.

I have an unlimited Google Drive account thanks to my university so I want to create encrypted containers to backup my whole server. I’ll backup media files and computer files, but I’m still a little bit apprehensive of storing things like photos in the cloud. I trust Veracrypt’s encryption, but it’s still all a bit unsettling that all my personal information is in some data storage center not physically accessible to me. Then again the trade off is that it’ll be an amazing way to backup everything. The chances of Google losing my files are much less than my own backup drives failing or (knock on wood) a disaster strikes.


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